Want to Volunteer at Feast Portland with Urban Gleaners?

Please read the details below and email your preferences to volunteer@feastportland.com in the following format:

PREFERRED TEAM (friendly faces, event glue, or check in lead):

And very importantly, please make sure to note that you're coming through Urban Gleaners!

The Big Feast: Saturday, September 14th (1:30-6pm) and Sunday, September 15th (10am-2pm OR 1:30-6pm) Tom McCall Waterfront Park

1. Feast Friendly Faces: As part of the event Feast Friendly Face team (FFF), you will be responsible for duties that may include; managing entry lines at the event, providing directions to folks as they enter the event spaces, checking in guests (with our nifty ticket scanners), answering general event questions (don’t worry we’ll provide you with all the answers) and being the “friendly face” of the event!
2. Event Glue Team: As part of the Event Glue Team, you will be holding the event together by responding to the needs of our participants and guests and our Volunteer Coordinator. Duties may include: staffing event sections
and helping to manage chef station lines, answering questions about where things are, keeping the event tidy, extra-credit customer service (“You look like you could use some water, our water stations are right at that corner.”), directing the flow of traffic and restocking event station supplies. You’ll be the super friendly glue that ensures a successful event.
3. Check-in Lead: As a Check-in Lead you’ll be on the front lines of the event; thus you’ll be highly skilled in customer service and hospitality. You’ll work with our volunteer coordinator to lead the Friendly Faces team and ensure a swift and friendly check-in process for our guests.

The nitty gritty details for all three teams: Dress code: upscale-casual. We’ll provide you with a Feast t-Shirt to pair with the pants, skirts or shorts of your choice. Plan on sturdy shoes—you should be comfortable being on your feet for six hours and lifting up to 25 pounds. And remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile! As thanks for your help, you’ll have an assigned half an hour to wander around and enjoy yourself at the event! Volunteering with friends: be sure to let us know if you’re volunteering with a friend or group!