Leadership Team

Governance/Board of Directors

After being established as a fiscally sponsored project under the auspices of Grantmakers of Oregon and SW Washington for our first three years, ninety-nine girlfriends is now an independent nonprofit organization, registered in the state of Oregon (Oregon Registry #1447204-97) and with IRS (EIN #83-0809479.) Contributions to ninety-nine girlfriends are tax deductible.

We have transitioned to a Governing Board. Our interim board consists of four members. Deborah Edward and Eileen Brady are Co-Chairs, Erin Zollenkopf is Secretary/Treasurer and Serena Cruz represents the philanthropic community. Deborah brings a background in nonprofit management and philanthropy, with experience running a nonprofit management support center and graduate school teaching. Eileen has deep experience in civic leadership in the region. Erin is Managing Partner of a nonprofit bookkeeping and accounting service. Serena, a former County Commissioner and current CEO of the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center Foundation, is a trustee of the Collins Foundation Board. All are founding circle members of ninety-nine girlfriends. We will add board members in the coming year. The board is primarily responsible for overseeing financial, compliance and legal areas, while the Coordinating Council manages the day-to-day operations.

Coordinating Council

Our Coordinating Council rotates over time to ensure that all our activities are in synch. Currently the members are Deborah Edward, Eileen Brady, Erin Zollenkopf, Holly Cook, Jinx Faulkner, Jude Lieberman, Lan Fendors, Pip Denhart, Tammy Wilhoite, Trish Bowcock and representatives from the Member Engagement Team. This group coordinates activities of ninety-nine girlfriends.  We continue to build out our infrastructure as we grow.

Grants Steering, Member Education, Events, Membership and Communications Committees

Each of our committees are co-chaired by two of our members each year. In addition, we have many teams that work inside of our committees, moving forward the work of our organization. Our current organization chart delineates our structure.


Warm thanks to Christine Grumm, Joyce White and Martha Richards for their initial guidance, as well as to the leaders of Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington, our initial fiscal sponsors. Thanks to Charitable Partnership Fund for providing transitional support as we became an independent 501-c-3 tax-exempt organization. A big shout out to Nancy Johnson and Joya Menashe who do all of our design work. And to members and friends who help defray costs for our events, printing, provide sponsorship of members and Fellows and offer wise counsel and encouragement at every step!