Can one hundred and seventeen women pulling together create real impact in our community? 

In 2016 we believed we could and in eight short months we did.

Then in 2017, 253 women signed on.

In 2018, 401 women joined together.

For 2019, our goal is 525 members so that we can finally give $100,000 grants in each of our five award categories.

collectively, We have awarded $771,000 in less than three years.


What we do

Ninety-nine girlfriends engages women of Portland and Southwest Washington in giving back to our community through collective action. We are a group of women who learn about the needs in our community and come together and pool our funds and resources to make a large impact gift which can help address a local issue in a big way.

Our mission

Ninety-nine girlfriends believes in the power of collective giving to create transformative change in our community, the Portland/Southwest Washington region. We are an "an inclusive women’s collective giving organization that provides opportunities for learning and grant-making to engage local women in informed philanthropy and investment in the community of Portland/Southwest Washington. "  We strive for impact by making significant grants and becoming more informed and engaged philanthropists. 




How did we get started?

Why are we growing so quickly? Find out.

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