We are thrilled to have you as a 2019 girlfriend! Together we will make meaningful, collective impact in our region. You are in good company. Check out our list of members.

If you have selected to pay by credit card, you should have already received an email receipt that can be used as a tax acknowledgement letter.

If you have selected to pay by check, please make your check to: Ninety-nine girlfriends

Mail to:

Ninety-nine girlfriends
4110 SE Hawthorne Blvd. #938
Portland, OR 97214-5246

If you work for a company that offers an employer match to your contribution, please consider a match for ninety-nine girlfriends that can support member sponsorships, events or general support! Our EIN for this purpose is: 83-0809-479. Contact Jinx at info@ninetyninegirlfriends.com for help with this process. 

Please check our website for upcoming events: www.ninetyninegirlfriends.com. You will be automatically added to our newsletter list and our member mailing list. 

You are part of a growing national movement of women's collective giving. 2019 is the fourth year of our project. The first year we were able to offer $117,000. The second year we awarded $253,000. Last year we granted $401,000. This year we hope to have 525 women so that we can offer FIVE $100,000 grants and some smaller grants. 

We now have a new membership management program. You will be able to sign up for events, see our calendar, participate in our member directory and renew your membership next year. You will receive an email with your temporary password to this new system immediately. Please add additional profile information and your photo when you get chance.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jinx at info@ninetyninegirlfriends.com


Jinx Faulkner and Eileen Brady

Co-chairs, Membership Committee