Your Contribution/Your Vote

This year ninety-nine girlfriends has 401 girlfriends and will offer a total of $401,000 in awards. All applicants will apply for an  Impact Award of $100,000. The Impact Award is our signature award and focus. Our goal has been to gather enough funds to create several, meaningful $100,000 grants. In addition, we are able to offer three finalists and five runner's up unrestricted grants. 

Types of Awards this year:

1) Three $100,000 Impact Awards
2) Two $20,000 Finalist Awards
3) Five $12,200 Core Mission "runner-up" Awards

All told, we will be offering 10 total grants in 2018—two in each of our five focus areas. 
Here’s how it will work:

a) Our five grant review teams, consisting of 50 volunteer members, will select 4 semi-finalists each, for a total of 20 semi-finalists (up from 15 last year). Our grant review teams will read full proposals and do site visits for all the semi-finalists. 

b) Each of our five grant review teams will select one semi-finalist to advance as a finalist to the membership for the first vote, which will determine the three organizations that will receive a $100,000 Impact Award. The remaining two of the five will receive unrestricted grants of $20,000, also known as Finalist Awards.

c) New this year:  Each grant review team will select two of their remaining semi-finalists to be forwarded to the membership for a second vote, through which the membership will decide which organization from each focus area will receive the $12,200 Core Mission “runner-up” Award.

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