OUR 2017 Award Winners

$100,000 Impact Award Winners

Portland Homeless Family Solutions,  Diversion for Homeless Families
Portland Homeless Family Solutions (PHFS) empowers homeless families with children to get back into housing and to stay there long-term. Learn about their work and how to get more involved here.

Urban Gleaners,  Food First: Fighting Childhood Hunger in Washington County
Urban Gleaners feeds over 6,000 people every week through school pantries, summer free farmers markets, and Mobile Markets at low-income housing communities. Subscribe to their newsletter for semi-regular updates here. See their 2019 Community Report here.


$17,666 Finalist award winners

My Voice Music, Artist Mentorship Program
My Voice Music (MVM) engages youth in music and performance in order to promote self-esteem, social skills and emotional expression. Sign up for their newsletter here.

Metro East Digital Youth Inclusion, Rockwood Digital Inclusion and Youth
MetroEast uses media to invigorate civic engagement, inspire diverse voices and strengthen community life.
Find out about their events at Rockwood here.

Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, Conserving Portland’s Pollinators
Xerces protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats.
Sign up for their newsletter here.


Girlfriends are encouraged to get personally involved in the work of our grantee partners following their own individual passions. The ninety-nine girlfriends Impact Team supports the work of our grantee partners and provides feedback to our membership about grantee activities through our e-news. Special thanks to our 2016 and 2017 ninety-nine girlfriends grantee liaisons : Jeri, Joan, Kari, Maura, Molly, and Trish.For more information about evaluating grantmaking effectiveness, which has guided the work of our Impact Team, see this summary about philanthropy effectiveness by member Marnie Frank. The summary has recommendations for additional resources and subscriptions to e-newsletters about the topic should you like to learn more. For questions about the Impact Team contact Deborah Edward at deborah.edward at gmail.com.