Want to know more about how Oregon supports nonprofits? This Oregon Community Foundation giving statistics site has a set of tools that enables you to see county-by-county or issue-by-issue how Oregonians contribute. Click on the map to see the number of nonprofits in each county and the amount of funds contributed in 2016 (example: Multnomah County saw $1.3 billion in contributions to 3, 185 nonprofits), or look by subject area to find out how much funding was forthcoming and what percent of giving went to that topic (example: Education-oriented nonprofits received $307 million or 25% of total giving in OR in 2016).

Many of us have heard the factoid that Portland has the most nonprofits in the US. Turns out it is not quite true. Although we do have more nonprofits per 10,000 residents than the Seattle region we have way fewer nonprofits per 10K residents than the community around Portland Maine! Read this article “Where Nonprofits Are Most Prevalent in America” and scroll through the list of communities to see how we compare to other places. Our nonprofit sector is strong and we appreciate the work done by these many groups to make our region a good place to live and work.

Want to know more about our local issues and bright spots? There are many resources to pull from to get facts and find examples of promising approaches to making our community strong. This sampling comes from what members have shared with us in the past few years. If you have a special report to share, send it to deborah.edward@gmail.com!

—- Communities of Color in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Portrait report from the Coalition of Communities of Color, 2019.
—- Count Her In: A Report About Women and Girls in Oregon from Women’s Foundation of Oregon, 2017.
—- "Latinos in Oregon" report from Oregon Community Foundation, 2016.

EARLY CHILDHOOD: The Children's Institute provides short, detailed reports about early childhood intervention, professional development for educators, and children's health. Find these reports and infographics on their website.

Our Next 20: Fiscal Health Report from the NorthStar Civic Foundation and ECO Northwest explains the challenges of state public funding that are beginning to have a significant impact on Oregon’s systems of education, healthcare, and social services. Read this in depth analysis and find our more about what citizens can do to avert budget shortfalls ahead.

Economic Indicators by Community: Portland Metro Region Changes 2010 to 2014 is a one page overview from State of Oregon Employment Department.

HOMELESSNESS: Portland homeless population jumps nearly 10%, new count shows. Oregon Live June 19, 2019 has many statistics about homeless in our region.
In May, 2019 ninety-nine girlfriends hosted a forum on homelessness. Check out links to the resources cited in this lively discussion:
—- Infographic with statistics can be found at Portland Homeless Family Solutions
—- EcoNorthwest report on homelessness in our region
—- Metro Portland Homelessness Report
—- Oregon Community Foundation Press Release and Statewide Report
—- Oregon Housing and Community Services Legislative Agenda 
—- Oregon Housing Policy Agenda 

VOLUNTEERING: Additional information about our region can be found in the 2017 reports about volunteering, giving and progress on key issues from the Oregon Community Foundation.

WOMEN: "Count Her In" report from Oregon Women's Foundation about women and girls in Oregon.

We consider ourselves a community of learners, and have been working together to study issues and share information about philanthropy, community, and community engagement. Here are some of the tools we have developed.

  • In 2017, five "Community Study Teams" of ninety-nine girlfriends members studied the issues and bright spots in the five focus areas we fund. Their short reports provide a sense of what was found:

Community Study Team Brief: Arts & Culture
Community Study Team Brief: Education & Lifelong Learning
Community Study Team Brief: Environment & Sustainability
Community Study Team Brief: Family & Human Services
Community Study Team Brief: Health & Wellness

  • In 2018, our Member Education Team led discussions about local philanthropy. A brief FAQ: "Philanthropy in a Nutshell" provides basic information about local philanthropy issues and bright spots.

  • In 2019, our Member Education Team organized resources about nonprofit board effectiveness. This toolkit has lots of valuable tips for joining a nonprofit board, being a good board member and more. Check it out.