Welcome to our new girlfriends!

Hello to all the new 2019 members. Together we are making a big difference in our four-county region! You are now part of a national movement of women's collective giving circles. We are women who have come together to make a difference at the the local level.  In 2016 ninety-nine girlfriends had 117 members, in 2017 we had 253 girlfriends, in 2018 we had 401 girlfriends and now in 2019, we are 479 girlfriends strong. We are committed to making meaningful grants of $100,000 so organizations can do impactful work in our community. Take a look at the web pages on this site, and especially if you can’t attend one of our new member orientations, below is information that most members ask about beyond what can be found on website. Click the red links below for more information. 

New Member Orientation Overview - Click here

Overview Timeline 

How You Can Help

Make sure to Mark Your Calendar for the dates below:

Remember we are all learning together and that this is a volunteer organization. If you don't find what you are looking for ask one of the girlfriends or email Jinx at jxfaulkner@gmail.com. 

Girlfriend magic is all around us!