Hello ninety-nine girlfriends!

Hello to all our new members. Together we are making a big difference in our four-county region! You are part of a national movement of women's collective giving circles. We are women who have come together to make a difference at the local level.  We named our Portland area giving circle “ninety-nine girlfriends.” Others in other cities have names like “Impact100 Philadelphia” or “Women’s Giving Alliance.” In 2016 ninety-nine girlfriends had 117 members, in 2017 we had 253 girlfriends, in 2018 we had 401 girlfriends and now in 2019, we are 480 girlfriends strong. We are committed to making meaningful grants so organizations can do impactful work in our community. Below is some key information about how we are organized, how we work and resources that may be helpful. Also, of course, the rest of the website has great information.

Ninety-nine girlfriendS’ “seasons”

Take a look at our annual cycle below so you can understand the rhythm of our year in terms of grantmaking, education, planning and celebrating. NInety-nine girlfriends activities primarily focus on recruitment and member education in the spring; summertime is for social activities and a break for our volunteers. In the fall we focus on grant review and grantmaking, culminating in our votes and Awards Ceremony in December.

We send out an e-news every two months and publish an e-zine about our impact in late summer. Archived e-newsletters are on our website. During the year you may receive emails from different people announcing events, opening registration for workshops, and sharing information. We try to always have the words “ninety-nine girlfriends” in the subject line of announcements.

We conduct periodic surveys of our members to get feedback on activities, learn more about your experiences and expectations and help shape our future. Past surveys have also helped us understand what you want to learn about and when you want to meet. Thanks!

Ninety nine cycle clockwise for website.jpg

Our grantmaking process and timeline

New Member Orientation 2019.jpg

How we are organized

Now you’re probably wondering how our committees are structured in our all-volunteer organization. Here’s a simple overview of how we have self-organized:

Simple Org chart from NJ.jpg

To see more detail in on our organizational chart and to see who is taking the lead on our committee work, click this link: The organizational chart

Jumping in

Add or update your listing in our member directory so that others can know more about you. Explore the directory - you will find lots of great people!

Contact the Member Engagement Team if you are interested in getting more involved in an area of our work. They’ll help guide you.

We’re on Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram. Follow us, add information, jump in!

Our Resources

Some of you are long term girlfriends, some are new to our collective giving circle. Either way, here are some tips for how to make the most out of the experience!