Frequently Asked Questions on Membership

We will update this list as questions come up.

1. What is a member expected to do?

Make your annual contribution and vote. You can get more involved if you'd like through events and work teams.

2. May someone give more than $1,100?

Yes! Additional funds will be used to cover costs of administration and education, or used to sponsor members or fellows and acknowledged in our "Friends" list.

3. Can someone give $1,100 to sponsor someone else?

Yes! You can sponsor a friend, family member or colleague, who gets the vote associated with the member dues.

4. Can a group of women pool their funds to become a member?

No. But we may consider it in coming years. 

5. May I use my employer match as part of my annual contribution?

You must make your annual contribution from personal funds.  You can contribute through your company giving program and take advantage of your employer's match programs!  Employer matches are generally used towards administration and education expenses. You may designate your match towards a specific project, e.g. our Fellows Program, or a specific sponsored member or an Event sponsorship, but please note that the actual net funds that come to us from an employer match are often less than the full match. Processing fees from the employer can be as much as 25% off the match. If you have designated your employer match to sponsor a member and the net balance is short of the required contribution you will be asked to pay the difference to activate the membership.

Contact Jinx at for guidance about your employer match options. If there is a balance due between the net employer match and the actual contribution you have intended, you are responsible to make up the difference.

6. Can I use my donor advised fund to make my contribution?

Yes!  Check with your financial advisors to confirm that your contribution to ninety-nine girlfriends is consistent with the policies of your donor-advised fund (DAF). Some DAF's may require you to write a personal check for the $100 education/administration portion of our $1,100 contribution to comply with DAF guidelines. Please be aware that we are not able to provide you with advice or counsel.

7. Why don't we get tax receipt letters when we pay our contribution through a donor-advised fund?

When you make your initial payment into your donor- advised fund you receive your charitable deduction in the tax year you funded the DAF.  Thus you are essentially regranting when you send your contribution to us. Our fiscal sponsor doesn't send a tax receipt because you've already taken the tax deduction.

8. What if someone signs an agreement but can't pay?

We do not hold additional funds to cover such contingencies.  The number of members in good standing determines the amount of funding to be granted during an annual cycle.

9. Can I specify that my dues be contingent on the group giving to a certain cause or organization?

No. This is a democracy of women. Majority rules. 

10. How do you ensure that members don't pressure others to vote for their personal favorite cause?

We have learned from our colleagues that confidentiality and conflict of interest should be addressed up front. Each member discloses which groups they are connected to before the grant making process begins. If you are on a nonprofit board or staff you may not be part of the team that is reviewing your group's grant. Members are asked to refrain from lobbying for their favorite cause or groups during the grant making process.

11. How may men be involved?

They may make a contribution to the Friends group, sponsor a Member or Fellow and stay informed as we move forward.

12. Is there a minimum or maximum on the number of members?

Not yet. Other groups suggest that we don't grow too big too fast.

13. I work for a nonprofit. Can my nonprofit pay my membership contribution?

We do not accept membership contribution payments from nonprofit 501-3-c charitable organizations. Membership in ninety-nine girlfriends is intended for individual women who want to explore their own personal community engagement and philanthropy.

14. Who can I contact if I have other questions about membership?

Contact Jinx at