Members have many options to get involved as you wish. Let us know if you'd like to be part of a team or committee - great ways to share talents, learn more, and connect with other women who share your commitment to our community and interest in philanthropy.  You can also sign on for an independent project-  like being a welcome caller, a “Mindful Mingler” a social media contributor, a webmaster... We welcome new ideas about what else you might like to do to advance our work!

Membership Committee The ninety-nine girlfriends project grows through friends inviting friends. Help spread the word to gather members. Help new make members feel welcome. Time commitment varies from 2-10 hours/month. Contact Jinx at if you are interested in this team. 

Grants Committee The Grants Steering Committee coordinates the work of the year-long grants cycle for ninety-nine girlfriends. Want to learn more about how we invite applications, narrow down from 150 bold $100,000 ideas to just 15, select the finalists for members to vote on who gets an Impact Award, and track how the money we give makes a difference? There’s work to do from April through November on these teams:
Community Outreach
Grant Review Teams (for our five focus areas)
Intake (verifying that each application is complete)
Finance and Organization Review (of the semi-finalists)
Voting and Voters’ Guide
Impact Team and Grantee Partner Liaisons
Members of the Grant Review Teams make an intensive commitment during the summer and fall. Other roles have a shorter duration (as little as two weeks) or less intensity (just a few hours each quarter). If you are interested in learning more, please write to grantscommittee @ and a member of the Grants Steering Committee will get in touch! Your membership must be paid for the current cycle (due May 3, 2019) to join a grant review team.

Communication Talents in writing, photography, social media? Help get our message out to our members, our potential grantees and our community. Bring your marketing and communication skills to supporting our website, social media, marketing packages and press releases. Contact Eileen at if you are interested in helping with these activities. 

Member Education Some of the most fun and interesting networking events are organized by our Member Education Committee. Help plan and host learning events - large and small -about our annual “Learning Question”. In 2019 the question is “What is Civic Engagement and How Do I Fit In?” Identify experts for our membership to be inspired by.  Add to our resource materials center on collective giving, philanthropy and community metrics. Contact Deborah at if you are interested in helping with these activities. 

Events  We need an energetic, organized team to coordinate our large group including New Member Orientations, Meet the Finalists and December Awards Ceremony.  The time commitment can be small if you'd like to help at an event or large if you can pour your heart into creating exciting experiences for our members. Contact Jinx at if you are interested in helping with events. 

If you have skills and time to share, and are not sure which committee is right for you, contact Deborah at and we can chat about options and opportunities!