So you're excited about ninety-nine girlfriends but not able to be a full member? We welcome others who want to be part of our journey. That includes men, businesses, foundations, women who are not quite ready to make the full contribution, and civic groups who may support our concept of building a culture of philanthropy through giving circles.

You can be an advisor or provide volunteer support. 

You can sponsor a member directly by providing the full amount of annual dues for an individual woman. This could be for your daughter, a friend, a colleague, or another woman who would be able to participate by voting.

You can  support our work as a "Friend" by making a contribution of any amount that may be used to defray expenses for administration and education.

You can be a sponsor of an event or a special program. Contact Tammy Wilhoite at tammy wilhoite at to find our more about sponsorship opportunities for our signature events or our Fellows Program.

You can share the story to invite other women to become members.

All Sponsors and Friends are invited to interact with us and subscribe to our newsletter. We will list you on our "Friends" acknowledgement page. You are key to our success!