Our 2018 Award Winners

Congratulations to our three $100,000 Impact Award winners, two $20,000 Finalist Award winners, and five $12,200 Core Mission/Runner-up Award winners. With 90% of our 401 members voting via online ballot after our in-person Meet the Finalists event — we proudly present our list of ten 2018 award recipients. 

Thank you to the more than 60 volunteer members serving on our grant review and financial review teams for their thoughtful consideration and selection of the nominees. Our membership has learned so much from studying the issues in our region and meeting with the nonprofit leaders in our community. We are excited to be partners in community change with the award winners below. See full press release here

$100,000 Impact Award Winners

August Wilson Red Door Project, Evolve: Using Theatre to Impact Public Safety in Portland, Oregon
Sign up for their newsletter here to stay informed about their work. See Portland Mercury Article March, 2019

KairosPDX, Transformational Education for Tomorrow’s Leaders See Portland Observer announcement pf Human Rights Commission AwardJan 2019

Red Lodge Transition Services, Healing the Sacred Hoop
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Thank you to our Arts & Culture, Education & Lifelong Learning, and Family & Human Services teams for bringing these organizations and their projects to our membership.

$20,000 Finalist award winners

Bark, Climate Change & Beavers: Worth a Dam
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Cascade AIDS Project, The LGBTQ+ Mental Health Program

Thank you to the Environment & Sustainability and Health & Wellness teams for bringing these very worthy organizations to our membership as well.



Bravo Youth Orchestras


Adelante Mujeres


Friends of the Columbia Gorge


CASA for Children. Inc


Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center

Following the awards, girlfriends’ members are encouraged to get personally involved in the work of our awardees following their own individual passions. Each of the Impact Award winners will host a ninety-nine girlfriends event during 2019. This is a great opportunity for members to learn more about each organization and about our region. The ninety-nine girlfriends Impact Team follows the work of each awardee and provides feedback to our membership about activities through our e-news. Each awardee has an assigned Liaison who connects our members to opportunities in our partner organizations and shares good news with us all. For more information about Liaisons and Impact Team contact deborah.edward@gmail.com.