Our fiscal sponsor, Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington, has many resources that are helpful in thinking about the issues in our region and the opportunities for informed philanthropy. Their e-newsletter Philanthropy Post is published monthly and contains articles about regional issues. They have a terrific resource library of materials that gets updated every month. You can also attend their events, including their Third Thursday educational seminars,  their annual meeting and more.

Contact Rhiannon Orizaga at or call 503.226.6340. to subscribe to the GOSW e-newsletter and get patron privileges at the library. This is a benefit to all our ninety-nine girlfriends!

GOSW hosted a two-day workshop "Grantmaking for the 21st Century" March 15 and 16 at the Eliot Center.  As they explain the workshop "combined the hard and soft skills of effective philanthropy practice. Participants reflect on the personal mission, identity, and experience they bring to the field while exploring the broader system in which the work happens — the history of philanthropy and emerging trends in the field." Watch for this workshop again next year!

Upcoming workshops and events from Grantmakers in 2017 of special interest to ninety-nine girlfriends include:

          June 8 Independent Journalism and Investigative Reporting - A special program on nonprofit media organizations

          July 11 Analyzing Nonprofit Financials Grantmaking Fundamentals Summer School- learn how to read financials!

Remember, as girlfriends, you can register with a GOSW member rate!