Leadership Team

Executive Committee

Our Executive Committee rotates over time. Currently the members of our team are Deborah Edward, Eileen Brady, Jinx Faulkner and Erin Zollenkopf. This team coordinates activities of ninety-nine girlfriends.

Member Advisors

Special thanks to early advisors Molly Cliff Hilts, Kimberly Howard, Michelle Hunt, Marie Jorajuria, Lorena Juarez, Eileen O'Neill Odum, Lisa Sedlar, Sophia Tzeng, Kathleen Haley Wax, Benna Gottfried, and others who continue to add ideas and perspective.

Fiscal sponsor

We are very grateful to GRANTMAKERS of Oregon and Southwest Washington for serving as our tax exempt partner. All of our financial transactions are managed by our fiscal sponsor. 


Warm thanks to Christine Grumm, Joyce White and Martha Richards for their guidance. A big shout out to Nancy Johnson who created our logo and does all our design work.