membership: One woman, one contribution, one vote. 

Membership for 2018 is closed. We are thrilled that so many women have joined for 2018! We look forward to opening membership up for 2019 soon.

Membership in ninety-nine girlfriends is an opportunity to connect, to learn and to join a group of women, working together, to make on impact in our community. 

We engage women of Portland and Southwest Washington who share a strong affiliation to the four-county area of our region. $1,100 is a big commitment for most people, but if we stretch and other women do as well, we can make meaningful grants of $100,000. 

$1,000 of your donation goes into our grants pool. $100 goes towards education and administration. You can be as involved or as uninvolved as you wish - attend events, join a team or simply participate by casting your vote for our award nominees.